by Brett Gleason

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If I Could 04:28
I close my eyes, disconnect my mind still, I cannot forget you. The sun and the moon left me paralyzed still, I tried to embrace you. And though we've departed now I still see everything through your eyes. I hear you pronouncing that you can still, see through all my lies. . If I Could be anything I would be, something that doesn't need to believe, something that feels instead. If I Could feel anything I would feel secure and safe on this free spinning sphere, not randomly forced to live, for death. I could create but not contain, so I had to cremate you. To kill off the offspring from out of which, my heart and brain grew, a cancer that threatened to lead me to my final conclusion, the theory that everything's leading to, disintegration. If I Could be anything I would be, freed from this constant questioning, freed from the constant shame. If I Could free anything I would free the human race from the pain that they bring, we try to understand then fail, to accept. If I Could be anything I would be incapable of hypothesizing, just subjectively, observe with no thought to my relevance or objectivity, with no regard to mortality. If I hurt you once it was not enough, to vindicate me for, leading me further away from where I needed to be but, if there is one thing I've learned it's there's, nothing harder than hating except, releasing myself from the hold of what, I had hoped would be. If I Could be....
Flattened 03:59
It all depends on how you started, with the third or with it flattened. It always ends right at the start, except for when it does not. The facts they change with your perception, the senses feel your brain rejects them. So when you look with animus, objects of hate are infinite. You Can Change, Do It Today. Change Your Way, Except No Delay. Change Your Mind, The World Responds in Kind. It's not your truth but you can fake it, making changes and replacements. Came wired twisted red and hot, Diffuse, disarm, divert the heart. It isn't real until you state it, for now it is false but you can will it. Destroy the evidence at hand, metamorphosize into a plant. You Can Change, Do It Today. Change Your Way, Except No Delay. Change
I loved you. For a moment or two, there was nothing you could say or do. I loved you. It was real at the time, but I can't seem to maintain my mind. I went through states that do have no words, and I can't seem to bridge the divide. I tried to. But I didn't see me, I saw someone else playing make believe. Sometimes I don't think I need anyone but me Does time cement or grate away at my belief? My love has met the Expiration Date. I had to admit this wasn't for me, not situation, but fundamentally. I failed to protect you from my wrath, unintentional though ruthless distract. If something changes after the fact, it never happened. The past is the past. If someone changes continuously, they never were and they never will be. Sometimes I don't think there is anyone for me. Because time alters my sense of identity. So now I can't trust anything I perceive or believe, Anyone who claims to love or understand me: My love has met the Expiration Date.
Rough Love 03:50
I will tell you now, never kick and shout. It will expound exponential pain and send you underground. Where no one can hear, constant cries and tears. We have grown so anaesthetized to your foundless forlorn fears. Tough love plays so rough, broken bones and lust. You will not get what you want until your desires adjust. All your suffering, leads to learning. If you choose to heed the warning that your body's offering I'll break your heart, so I can put it back together. Stronger than ever, stronger now that you've decided. Fall and hit the ground, instantly rebound. take the time to soothe your sores and misfortunes they will abound Let it all out know, swiftly not so loud. Savor all the wrongs you've sowed and there is much more to be found. I will help you stand, only with one hand, careful as I lift you up for you are sinking in quicksand. Karma is a wave, that washes over your grave. It may not come back to you but your mark is now forever made. I'll break your heart, so I can put it back together. Stronger than ever, stronger now that you've decided: To expect indifference, accept everything you fear and loathe. Don't rub your nose in it. Don't plant it and watch it grow. I will tell you now, pity's not profound. Self conflated pain, give it up today. You have wasted time, magnified my crime. You'll be made to pay, give it up today.
Sincerely 04:58
I used to handicap me, deliberately. I used to inhibit me, intentionally. But now it happens to me, accidentally. I used to shake thru the night, in imagined fright, I used to run from bad dreams, hypothetically. But now they come to me, in reality. We create, time dictates we turn upon ourselves. First we break, compensate then repeat until the end, of time. I used to punish myself, and everyone else. I always planned to reverse, this embraced curse. Now it overtakes me, independently. We can't change what remains just embrace what was salvaged. First reject then accept, mourn the loss of when wanted, more. I used to want everything, regrettably. I used to hold out for more, lamentably. Now nothing satisfies me, effortlessly. We found out what worked out, abolish everything we don't love, begrudge, snub, forget and then turn a gouged eye. Don't trust what you love! You've been wrong before. Stay strong! Forge on! Skeptically.
Alive 03:07
It had been taken in the night, after being threatened for it’s life. Asphyxiated close to death, but you have resurfaced, I have stood up and said: The Dream is Alive. The Dream is Alive. It had been turned upon it’s head, condemned, assaulted, declared dead: But now we rise! And survive despite all evidence, of all future failures, deny this: The Dream is Alive. The Dream is Alive. Why didn’t I find something more? Was there something real? Something I obscured? Why didn’t my dreams manifest? Did I overreach? I’m not stopping yet. The Dream is Alive. The Dream is Alive. The Dream is Alive.
Do You Know? 04:51
I will break, free and fall, I will run to the untold. I will create another way, my destination doesn't depend on fate. Do you know the reason I came, here? Do you know the reason I stay? It's not fear. I will change, not the same, interpretation my freedom to create. I will fake a deceptive state, I will repeat myself till I believe my mistakes. Do you know the reason I came, here? Do you know the reason I stay? It's not fear. Do you know the reason I strive, to find? That's okay cuz sometimes neither do I. I won't give into the ones I love, no matter how hard they cry. I won't give into the doubts I've had, and finally decide: That I will become the man I've dreamed and known that I could be, I will achieve, finally believe in me, in me, in me. And I will shed all the anxious guilt and try to enjoy my prize. I won't question what the future holds, no I will declare and decide, to take action even when I want to disappear and just hide - I won't wait for consensus no I will make up and assert - my own mind. I will break (do you know?) I will change (do you know?) I will break, do you know?
Macroscopic 04:27
You can do it, nothing to it, bigger picture, city limits. Macroscopic, myopic, see the trees be-come a forest. Macroscopic lenses fight with ego driven microsite. Looking down from satellites, remind me of our microstate... Just because you don't understand doesn't mean it doesn't make sense. All subjectives shift perspective when you give up solo possession. Macroscopic lenses might contextualize your pu-light. A disconnected distant state, disintegrates your urgent pace. Macroscopic lenses take the importance of your fate, the illusion you can change, that it matters if you try. When you try to break the pattern you will see there was no end in, sight or mind as you've defined yourself as center so much pressure! Macroscopic lenses can, console you when you can't. When you reach your soared for heights, your glories cheapened by our size.
Humane 04:22
I am human, a broken sentence, a fragmentation. I am trying to mend the muscle & send the message. I am human, a faulty function, abomination. I'll come up short, in every column & situation. But I'm not Humane with the way that I treat & blame, I am not Humane, rejected embrace disdained acceptance, the hu-man race. I am human, constant confusion, limited knowledge. I'm well aware, of what I don't know know, can't seem to forget. I am human, a fallen ideal abandoned question. I was hoping, to have a mission, clarification. I am human, what does this mean? I have no concept. How can this be? No one was watching, no planned creation. But I'm not Humane, with the way, that I fake out, my brain. Try to suspend belief, close one eye to the thief, that's science & genetics. Ninety-eight percent, deoxyribonucleic, it's primitive. You can protest this fact, hold out for context, or explore & accept. I am human, I am human…
The Urge 03:53
Need, drive, you collide: With my desires. Force, fight, take alive: Make you all mine. We’ll find it’s not alright, to be here waiting for you. We’ll wake up, in the dead of the night with a ghostly absence of fear. Breathe, try, feel, pride. Will dark, to light. Ache, cry, sympathize, wake up to life. We’ll find it’s not enough, to be here waiting for you. The Urge to breed has surpassed me and it’s for life directly I lust. Feel free to take it personally but you’re a symbol into which, I’m thrust. In time we may become entwined, with our eyes romantically shut.


'A mystical & mesmerizing album by no run of the mill songwriter' - Goldmine Magazine

'A perfect example of a great sophomore album that shows an artist truly finding his footing as a great songwriter' - Atwood Magazine'

'Brett Gleason is a true original and sounds radio-ready throughout his new album' - Newsday


released April 14, 2017

All songs written and performed by Brett Gleason.
Mixed & Mastered at Continental Studios by Phil Duke & Mike Gevaza.
Drums by Mike Sutton. Cello by Robert Maril. Trumpet by Kai Sorenson.
Violin by Lisa Casal-Galietta. Trombone by Benjamin Allen Adams.
Art direction & design by Jason Rand. Photography by Miria Sabina.


all rights reserved



Brett Gleason New York

Brett Gleason
is a piano-based alternative songwriter from Brooklyn NY.

His first two albums debuted in the Top 100 of the Alternative Charts with videos reaching number #1 on MTV Logo’s ‘The Click List’.

His latest single 'The Strong & The Silent' is a call for radical vulnerability in the face of digital isolation and is part of his upcoming third album, funded by fans via Patreon.
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